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Download Workaday World Comedy Background Music (HD) Mp3

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Really, music for comedy can be of any genre and in any style. In most cases, music for comedy will not be comedic in and of itself. Rather, it will enhance the comedic value of something else, for example, a film, television show, or play.

Of course, the music can be comedic on its own merits. If this is the case, the comedic quality of the music will be created by its lyrical content. One of the best examples is Weird Al Yankovic, who is world-famous for his parodies of various popular songs. However, not all comedic music necessarily parodies. For example, one can think of the many popular and amusing songs composed and performed by Andy Samberg when he was a part of Saturday Night Live's cast.

Ultimately, music for comedy can be of any form. Most often, ironic juxtaposition is the factor that makes a particular piece of music comedic in its circumstance. However, as has already been noted, music can be comedic on its own merits. 59ce067264


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