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Maplogic Layout Manager Full |LINK| Version

For example, to escape the RegEx-reserved backslash (\) escape character, use Replace: '\\', '\\', and not Replace: '\', '\\'. These examples show how the Replace filter behaves differently when you try to escape the backslash character. While this version works successfully:

Maplogic Layout Manager Full Version

Topology mapping, like many other features in the LogicMonitor platform, supports role-based access control. By default, only users assigned the default administrator and manager roles will be able to render topology maps and access the full range of topology mapping features (users assigned the readonly role will see the Mapping page and any saved maps). As discussed in Roles, roles can be created/updated to allow for full or limited access to topology mapping features.

A strategy is a piece of configuration that tells the JSON conversion library how you want the conversion to behave. The basic conversion strategy is designed for conversions that start in JSON, and then get converted back and forth between JSON, XML, and back to JSON again. The full strategy is designed for conversion that starts in XML, and then converts to JSON and back to XML again. The custom strategy allows you to customize the JSON and/or XML output.

The following uses the custom strategy to carefully control both directions of the conversion. The example converts a Search API XML options node into JSON and back again. The REST Client API uses a similar approach to transform options nodes back and forth between XML and JSON.


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