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When you have a swordship in your team, try and escort it. Its speed and firepower can easily allow it to single handedly lock down an entire corridor all by itself, preventing access by the enemy team. Fellow destroyers or fast cruisers are recommended to follow as to make up for its lack of AA defense against missiles while the swordship can help defend you against aircraft, a win-win situation. Carriers can provide support by manually loitering fighter aircraft over it, providing it protection from enemy bombers hell bent on sinking the flyswatter.

As for surviving the run, things kick off from the start and never slow down. The screen is uncluttered except for the swordship and the enemies that pop in and disappear, and the trick is to avoid the enemies and their firepower while keeping an eye out for the telltale yellow stripe that indicates a cargo container is on the way. All you need to do to pick it up is be anywhere in the lane when it zips on by, but the drop-off point is a specific spot on the screen that takes a second to collect the container, and the necessary time sitting still may not be easy to come by.

The swordship, thankfully, is a nippy little scamp, and you can mostly outrun the enemies, if not their projectiles. Every single bullet is carefully telegraphed, giving you all the information you need to get out of their way before they hit. Your counter-measures might be a swift veer out of the way, or a dive underwater that has a cooldown to stop it from being overused. There are also ship-specific abilities, like EMPs, that can give you momentary reprieves.

Prescot, Inch, Tilda, and Pando set out on a merchant ship to Pandahem. After a stop-over in the very north of Loh, the ship is caught in a storm and then attacked by pirate swordships. The merchant ship strands on a beach on an island and Prescot, his companions, and most of the crew escape after a short fight. They eventually manage to find passage on another merchant ship and reach Pomdermam, the capital of Tomboram. Prescot thereby visits the island of Pandahem for the first time.

Prescot, with the help of Inch, takes the current Kov of Bormark captive and forces him to confess to the attempted murder of Tilda and Pando he organised in front of King Nemo. Pando is accepted as the new kov by the king, but the later takes offence to the way he was treated by Prescot in the process and has him kidnapped and sent to the galleys as a galley slave. Prescot becomes a rower on one of the Kings swordships, which is eventually captured through a trick by the female pirate Viridian. The slaves are offered to join the pirates and accept. Prescot rises through the ranks, finding himself being placed in charge of the ships artillery. He challenges Viridian on occasion and almost supplants her as leader but holds back as he does not wish to lead the pirates. He is however eventually placed in command of one of the ships. When the pirates liberate the slaves of a swordship of Menaham, Prescot is reunited with Inch who was sent to the galleys for the same reasons as Dray Prescot. 59ce067264


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